5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Web Designer

These days, the importance of a strong online presence cannot be understated. Businesses of all sizes need to have a good online presence, and need the services of a web design company to achieve this.


Don Charisma is a web design company – we will work with your business, advising and guiding your business, to create a great design for your website. Using a professional web designer will not just give you a beautiful looking website, but can help increase traffic, enticing customers to your site, improving your online marketing and ultimately helping to increase sales.


1. Engage Your Customer

An effective web designer must always understand the objective of your site – to promote your goods and services. Engaging customers in the first place, and gaining their custom as a result. Beautifully designed websites promote a sense of professionalism and builds confidence and trust between you and your customer.

2. Consolidate Your Online Strategy

Whilst web design has become much simpler over the years, so much so that you might be thinking of building your own website, Don Charisma can take other factors into consideration such as – choosing a domain name, communicating with your customers using social media, integration of all your marketing strategies, optimising content for search engines (SEO).

3. Great Design Attracts Customers

As with all things in life – first impressions count. It is no different when a prospective customer visits your website. Is your homepage welcoming and easy to comprehend? Is it easy for your customer to find what they want? Does it portray a professional image? Don Charisma can help in all these areas and more. Don’t forget that your website is available 24/7 for your customers to visit and a badly designed website can put customers off !

The success of well-designed websites, which are attractive, can be directly compared to the real world. Your website should give the same professional image that you want to show your customers in real life. This can make the difference between gaining new customers, and those customers going elsewhere.

4. Building Solutions For Your Business

The services your website provides can make it much easier for you to do business. If you need to add e-commerce solutions to your site to allow you to sell goods 24/7, then Don Charisma can add this for you. If you want to train your work-force online at their own pace, Don Charisma can add e-learning solutions too. Whatever you want to do, Don Charisma can help you do it.

5. Ease Of Maintenance

You might be asking how to manage such a website. It must be quite an overhead for your business. These days, with the use of a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, it is easy for you to change your content, add new pages, upload new photos, preview your changes before you do it.

Don Charisma can even help connecting to your social media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc – to provide a single point for you to manage your online marketing strategy and communicate with your customers.

Contact the Don Charisma team when you are ready to Do More Online and let us worry about building a strong online presence for your business. Great web designs are Built by Don Charisma.