The internet has revolutionised the way people do business. Building e-commerce solutions into your site no longer needs to be a daunting task requiring vast sums of money.

Using WordPress opens up a number of e-commerce solutions which can be seamlessly integrated into your site.

But this is just one part of the equation – you also need to market your products, and doing this on the internet is much harder than doing business on the local high street. Your competition is no longer the shop just down the road, it is every retailer doing business in your country or even globally.

Together with an e-commerce solution, modern website design and the power of WordPress, we can effectively bring customers to your site.

AdWord Campaigns

If you need immediate marketing on the internet and have a budget to do so, then a Google AdWords campaign would be a great start for you. We will be able to manage your campaign and target your customers effectively.

Please Contact Us if you need to start an AdWords campaign.

E-commerce features

Ability to sell a variety of products:

  • Real-world, physical products
  • Digital products, e.g. e-books, music
  • Premium Subscriptions, e.g. monthly access to premium online magazine content. Ongoing subscriptions payments are automatically monitored to block access if payments stop

Accept online payments:

  • Connect your site to a number of online payment merchants, e.g. PayPal, WorldPay
  • Allow credit card or cheque payments

Connect your e-commerce site to mailchimp:

  • Manage your email marketing campaigns in one place
  • Allow customers to opt-in to marketing at point of sale

Other features:

  • Highlight Featured products, or Sale products
  • Issue discount coupons to encourage sales