We can offer solutions for almost every type of website that you could imagine. But more than this, we can give you a beautifully designed, fully e-commerce ready website to allow you to run your online business with ease.

We give some examples here, but please do Contact Us if the solution you’re looking for is not listed.

e-learning/e-school Website

Do you have courses that you want to teach to students ? E-learning is fast becoming a major growth area on the internet with courses in learning to play an instrument, help with driving theory tests or teaching maths to children. The new generation are much more in tune with using their computer or tablet to learn, and we can help put together a top-class e-learning system for you.

We can offer solutions that are tailor made. Such solutions include breaking the course up in to individual lessons, integrated payment solutions for PayPal or Credit Cards and homework submission.

Social/Dating Website

More and more people around the world have tried online dating as a way to form friendships that may lead to long term relationships. If you want to run a dating website, but think that setting one up is beyond your capability or budget, then think again.

If you would like to setup and run an online dating or social business, we can provide the solutions for you and even integrate a full subscription e-commerce solution for you.

Directory Website

We can offer solutions for any kind of directory large or small. If you want to list small businesses in your county, country or the world. Maybe you want to list and rate local lawyers in your city to allow others to find the right people.

If it’s a directory we can build it for you. We can integrate any affiliate marketing you have established to boost your income.

Forum Website

Forums are very useful for like minded people to get together and talk to each other. They differ from chat sites in that messages are posted under topics, and the messages stay there indefinitely if you choose to do so.

If you want to run a forum, we can offer the right solution for forums as a whole separate website or as part of your existing website.