Web Development Using WordPress

WordPress for Web Development

Why You Should Choose WordPress for Web Development ? Web developers often need to have a significant knowledge and understanding of various computer programming languages. For basic websites, an understanding of HTML might be enough to allow one to create a site that suits the requirements. But if something a little more unique and interactive is required, , then it may be necessary to code this in one of the web’s programming languages.

PHP is one of the most popular languages when it comes to the development of web pages. PHP also has the added bonus of being one of the foundations on which WordPress is built on. This language runs on the same machine as the web server and is highly adaptable in terms of web development and the constant advances that are being made in that area.

WordPress and databases

WordPress is huge in terms of the amount of sites that use WordPress and the things that it can do as a Content Management System. Much in the same way as designing the layout of your website, software such as WordPress needs somewhere to store its information. This is done through a database called MySQL. This database is responsible for storing all the information WordPress needs in terms of posts, pages, user logins, in fact almost everything that’s configurable or customisable in WordPress.

Another advantage of WordPress is that PHP and MySQL are compatible languages and able to communicate with each other. In a broad sense, PHP is the master to MySQL’s slave in that the former will tell the latter what to do when a request is sent. Within that MySQL runs as a server and makes the decisions about how to store and process the data.

Themes, Plugins And Widgets

One great thing about WordPress is that development time can often be reduced, by using off-the-shelf components, either free or paid for. Many of these components can customised by a web developer if necessary. The Theme takes care of the graphic design, and sometimes other aspects such as e-commerce are included in the theme. As for plugins, there are literally thousands of them from things like displaying images, to taking backups, to email marketing campaigns naming just a few. Widgets are also of note, and can be included with the theme or with a plugin.


Custom development in WordPress

As already mentioned WordPress is written in PHP, so often customisations or bespoke development of a WordPress website is done using PHP. That said WordPress also includes JavaScript to do the things PHP can’t.

Anything is possible with WordPress, either via existing themes and plugins, or created by a web developer.


WordPress is an ideal solution to the often complicated issue of web development and the multitude of programming languages available today. WordPress is able to bundle all of these elements into one simplified format that makes it much easier to manage the content of your website.

There are many elements to consider when developing your website, our team at DonCharisma.com are experienced in all elements of web design, development and WordPress. We would be happy to assist you with your project. Please contact us for further information.