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SEO Tips To Get Listed On Google Local
Search Engine Optimisation – Love it or hate it, it's a necessity for getting your website found amongst the other thousands of sites like yours on the internet. There are many businesses that simply don't need to be found on the other side of the planet. How many of you rely on local customers in a limited area? Why waste money so your local plumbing / building / electrician company can be found in America when your trade will not travel more than 50 miles from your London base? Google and the other search engines recognise that people are looking for local businesses and have altered their algorithms accordingly. If you want to give your business an advantage in the local marketplace, then follow these tips, or just get in touch with the team.

9 SEO Tips To Get Listed On Google Local

What’s in a name? Rather a lot it would seem. Think of a product you purchase or use on a regular basis. You know by the name alone what the product is and its use to you. When you hear the name you know what it means for no other […]

Why Choosing The Right Brand Name IS Crucial For SEO

In a nutshell – cost, time and ease of use. Development of a website using WordPress is quick (compared to older methods), because of it’s modular nature, and is therefore relatively inexpensive. Once operational it’s a very very easy system for the website operators (probably you !) to use, whether […]

Why Choose WordPress for Web Development ?

web development
Ever wondered what goes into making your favourite website tick? Web development. We visit websites on a daily basis for a number of reasons, the main one being that we want to get something out of it. Whether it’s information we’re looking for or interactive content, when we visit a […]

What is Web Development?

WordPress for Web Development
Why You Should Choose WordPress for Web Development ? Web developers often need to have a significant knowledge and understanding of various computer programming languages. For basic websites, an understanding of HTML might be enough to allow one to create a site that suits the requirements. But if something a […]

Web Development Using WordPress

website hacked
Having your website hacked in any fashion is anywhere between mildly irritating to disastrous for a business that didn’t have a backup. The potential of a breach of security is important for all website owners, large and small. If you’re website gets hacked, you risk losing all of your content. […]

How To Secure And Prevent Hacking On Your Website