Introducing the Don Charisma Team

Just so that you know a little about us – We’re Danny and Don, and we head up the Don Charisma team. We are both from London. We’re both degree educated professionals who’ve worked for blue chip banks for a number of years and now we work independently. Between us there’s very little we can’t do with what’s become our passion, the internet.

Danny heads up the technical side of the business. He holds a maths degree from Oxford, which gives him an advantage when working out solutions for customers. Even though he thrives on the technical challenges the internet brings, he believes in keeping it simple for the customer. Danny heads up the more technical side of the business including web development, web security and e-commerce.

Danny lives in London with his family, enjoys cycling and is working towards his karate black belt.

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Don is a computer science graduate. Whilst from a technical background he excels in the creative side of our business. He now lives in Thailand, says he prefers the weather. Don heads up the creative side of the business, including – web design and SEO.

Don runs the DonCharisma.org blog which has proved very popular. It’s his personal/professional blog, he blogs about variety of subjects, including but not limited to – photography, graphic design, creative writing, web design, web development, web security and of course SEO. His Blog DonCharisma.org is split between professional and personal.