Avoid Common Web Design Mistakes

If you’re not familiar with web design it can be a challenging task. This is why many business owners and individuals choose to employ professional web designers, over a ‘Do It Yourself’ solution.

Avoiding common mistakes is essential in designing websites for your intended market. Here’s our guidance :

It may seem obvious, but the tastes of your target audience are more important than one’s own. A professional web designer is aware of what the target audience wants, and will have researched this. It also helps that the web designer is separate from the project, because this gives them perspective.

It’s a little harsh, but in our experience many business owners lack an understanding of how a web site should be designed in order to have maximum appeal to their intended target audience. At DonCharisma.com we have a team of skilled web designers who always research your target audience before they create your web design. Alongside this they use their skills garnered over many years.

Obviously it’s your business or project and you know your products or services or what you’re trying to promote – So it’s paramount that you discuss with your web designer exactly what the needs of your web design project are. Professional web designers need to know about your project and what your goals are. This will become your specification, which will help the designer complete the best possible web design for you.

Prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance they say. It’s important to know the basics of what you require in a new web design project, or overhaul of existing web design projects. Choosing a firm to do the work, should be fairly easy once you’ve made these choices. At DonCharisma.com, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we have a good specification in place, to make sure your project runs smoothly. Good communication is essential in obtaining web design that’ll make your competitors envious.

It’s also wise to think about your main message or “mission statement”, as this will help determine what keywords you should focus on in building, designing and promoting your website. The web design should convey this, through use of colour schemes, fonts and basic psychology.

Lastly budget is important to consider. You get what you pay for they say. A professional web designer will save you time and money, through leveraging their experience and knowledge built up over the years. Plus there are many extra facets of websites that your competitors may have skimped on, things like security or SEO. These represent a saving in the short term, but long term when your website gets hacked OR not found on Google, that’ll cost a lot of time or money to fix.

At DonCharisma.com in our team we have web security experts along with SEO experts, so we can offer a complete package, that some of our competitors can’t. We always do our best to try to accommodate our client’s budgets – contact us today.