We often have clients who have an existing site they want to extend, expand or grow. Sometimes they want to move the existing content to a newer, cleaner looking site.

We are passionate about working with WordPress as we see it as the market leader in providing customers an easy interface to manage their site, a huge number of extensions that are constantly maintained by the community and endless designs to give your site a stylish look.

_test_Old-Phone-New-PhoneRedevelop and Modernise

We can work with your existing technologies in order to redesign or modernise.

If you already have an established site, but it is looking rather dated, we’d usually recommend upgrading to new back end system, which would be faster, more secure and easier to maintain.

This would allow more scope for enhancing your site, giving you options to seamlessly integrate an e-commerce solution into your site for example.

If you want to start offering new services to your customers, we can work with you to extend your site.

The modular approach implemented in WordPress means we can add an e-commerce solution without having to redesign the rest of your site. That’s why we recommend it above all other CMS solutions.

If you have big ideas, but don’t know how to grow your website, then Contact Us to discuss your requirements. We will be able to give you a free estimate to enable you to do the business you want.